Rear Lighting

Biketronics BT300 and BT400 products greatly increase safety and can also be used for custom applications when removing rear lighting components.

We send the combined signals over the turn signal wires so you can use a signal filament bulb or LED for run/turn/brake (BT300) or turn/brake (BT400). Note - Depending on overall bike load you may need a load equalizer with LEDs.

For example you could remove all rear lighting except a pair of single filament lights on each side connected to the turn signal output wires from our part and ground.  All other outputs could be taped off in this setup.  If you want to do the same with two filament bulbs you would only need to connect the brighter filament wiring to our part.  This setup will work on almost any 12 volt system, including custom cars.

Wiring Diagram - TailModules.pdf


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